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Little Lost Forest is an art collective started by Natascha and Jeremy Pearson, inspired by their move to Humboldt County. They create art derived from Celtic pagan practices, their love for nature, and their fascination with adventure and self-exploration. Their mixed media pieces use driftwood, ocean and river pebbles, resin art, acrylic paint, and up-cycled material.

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Their vision is to travel the world on a sailboat. If you feel that you want to join their journey in any aspect, you may send an email to littlelostforestart@gmail.com.



The Cannabis Review

An insight on top-of-the-line grow techniques, product reviews, and the latest news on the cannabis revolution in Humboldt County. Blog by Natascha Pearson


Why You Should Visit Humboldt County

Humboldt County is a wonderful place to visit because of its rich history, abundant wildlife, artists, cannabis industry, casinos, and community. After taking the 101 or 299 into Humboldt from San Francisco, or Reno, the drive during the day can relax the mind with picturesque rolling mountains, lakes, and deep forests. Don’t forget to stop…

Meal Giving

Throughout life, meal sharing (or giving) can be an excellent form of showing care for fellow humans. Often we can go through life and forget how to treat others with compassion and love. A big gift is not necessary to show gratitude or endearment. Instead, cooking a meal for the people we care about can…

Somebody’s Giant

 A short story by Natascha Pearson 18 and up for mature content. Water bubbles rose in a pot on the stove. It was tight in the kitchen, with just enough room for one adult and a little one. Hot dogs sizzled on the pan and basked in vegetable oil. Next door, the Airbnb renters hooted and…


Hello World! 
Our team of local Humboldt artists and educators has come together to bring you the WIGI Dome! A relaxing sound bath experience, using surround sound to introduce the noises of Humboldt Bay animals, including whales, otters, and sea lions, to our audience mixed into a tranquil ambient track. Sound-activated ocean-themed lights immerse you in the experience. Make yourself comfortable on the floor, close your eyes, and float into the Humboldt Bay. The dome supports comfort and resting with crochet animals and ocean theme decoration. Educational pamphlets and signs teach our audience about local marine biology and Humboldt history. 

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