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Little Lost Forest is an art collective started by Natascha and Jeremy Pearson, inspired by their move to Humboldt County. They create art derived from Celtic pagan practices, their love for nature, and their fascination with adventure and self-exploration. They use driftwood, ocean and river pebbles, resin art, acrylic paint, and up-cycled material in their mixed media pieces.

Please check us out on IG: @littlelostforestart

Their vision is to travel the world on a sailboat. If you feel that you want to join their journey in any aspect, you may send an email to littlostforestart@gmail.com .


The Cannabis Review

An insight on top-of-the-line grow techniques, product reviews, and the latest news on the cannabis revolution in Humboldt County. Blog by Natascha Pearson


Kinetic Sculpture Races

“For the Glory!” The crowd cheered at the finish line of the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Ferndale, CA on May 30 2021. Fifty three participants created a Kinetic Sculpture and raced from Arcata to Ferndale within three days, over hills and through water. There are no set rules on  building a kinetic sculpture race car … Continue reading Kinetic Sculpture Races

Renascence Festival Pre-Party

[Contains Adult Content]  May 21, 2022- Arcata Theater Lounge hosts the Renascence Festival pre-party/ Mad Hatter Tea Party. With room to breathe, festy goers mingled and got down to dirty bass music. Headliner Ahee, known for his dubstep and 90’s smash mixes, drew in an eccentric crowd of all ages. Jewelry, merchandise, and crystal vendors … Continue reading Renascence Festival Pre-Party



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