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Little Lost Forest is an art collective started by Natascha and Jeremy Pearson, inspired by their move to Humboldt County. They create art derived from Celtic pagan practices, their love for nature, and their fascination with adventure and self-exploration. Their mixed media pieces use driftwood, ocean and river pebbles, resin art, acrylic paint, and up-cycled material.

Please check us out on IG: @littlelostforestart

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Their vision is to travel the world on a sailboat. If you feel that you want to join their journey in any aspect, you may send an email to littlelostforestart@gmail.com.



The Cannabis Review

An insight on top-of-the-line grow techniques, product reviews, and the latest news on the cannabis revolution in Humboldt County. Blog by Natascha Pearson


Happy New Year!

Thank you to my 50 followers. I appreciate your commitment. This New Year has been a resting period for me. I apologize that the blog has been less active, and this can be expected for the next two months. Opportunities have come up with my edible company, and I am currently trying to settle on…

Yule and the Shadow

Winter months can put us under observation by our consciousness. Spills of depression, slow creativity, cold, and indifferent feelings accompany the longer nights. Now is an excellent time to look to nature, challenge your creative endeavors, and meditate in darkness.  Stillness, a winter attribute, has never been a restful concept. Usually the precursor to a…

Zen Humboldt

Saturday, December 5, 2022- (Eureka, CA) Little Lost Forest put on its first art exhibition, Eris’ Apple, at Zen Humboldt dispensary, which will be on display throughout December. The opening occurred during Arts Alive Eureka from 6-9 pm, accompanied by other local artists. Landscapes, female characters, and meditative practices are themes in the acrylic and spray…



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