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Little Lost Forest is an art collective started by Natascha and Jeremy Pearson, inspired by their move to Humboldt County. They create art derived from Celtic pagan practices, their love for nature, and their fascination with adventure and self-exploration. They use driftwood, ocean and river pebbles, resin art, acrylic paint, and up-cycled material in their mixed media pieces.

Please check us out on IG: @littlelostforestart

Their vision is to travel the world on a sailboat. If you feel that you want to join their journey in any aspect, you may send an email to littlostforestart@gmail.com .


The Cannabis Review

An insight on top-of-the-line grow techniques, product reviews, and the latest news on the cannabis revolution in Humboldt County. Blog by Natascha Pearson


Why You Should Buy Art

Sometimes it’s hard to commit to buying art. I’m sure I have made plenty of excuses, particularly that art can be expensive. I want to propose some ideas about why buying art is good for you and your community and why you should make a habit of buying it.¬† Art is excellent for placing color … Continue reading Why You Should Buy Art

Four Years of Marriage in the age of Polyamory 

Millennials (1981-95, that’s me!) grew up with parents, Baby Boomers (1946-64), who came from families from the Silent Generation (1928-45) where marriage was a lifelong bond and until the no-fault divorce law came to be in 1969, they needed a reason to get divorced. As things changed, the Baby Boomers had the highest divorce rate … Continue reading Four Years of Marriage in the age of Polyamory¬†

101 Best Friends

As a thirty-two-year-old, I reflect on my eight-year friendship with my best friend.  The Value of having a Best Friend The best part of having a best friend is that you’re never alone. With a best friend, no matter rain or shine, you always have someone to call on, who will always answer to help … Continue reading 101 Best Friends

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