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Upcoming Shows:

Redwood Art Association: Art Choice Exhibition

November 16 – December 16 in our 1st Floor Gallery

January 2023 Good Relations Gallery

Past Shows:

LGBTQ Art Show Humboldt June 11, 2022

Music and Arts Festival June 18-19, 2022

Little Lost Forest is an art collective in Northern California, inviting all artists to share space, to dream, execute, and sell their art. Evolved from Starship and Seasalt, a San Diego collective that participated in live paintings with an interactive model, classes, studio space, and booths at underground and mainstream festivals and events. I invite you to participate and help the community heal from the inside out with art.  

Mission Statement: Healing the community from the inside out through art. 

Does it cost money?

It does not cost money to be a part of Little Lost Forest Art Collective. It does cost money to rent a booth. If you are volunteering your time to run the booth there is no payment necessary. If you choose to rent part of the booth, you are obligated to pay the booth’s toll.

Do I set up and run the booth alone?

No, every one displaying art is obligated to help set up and run the booth. On occasions that artists can’t make it to the show to set up or attend shifts they are not only obligated to pay their portion of the booth but a partial (depending on how much booth space they occupy) hourly wage of $15. 

Is my art credited to myself or Little Lost Forest?

Little Lost Forest does not take recognition for art from other artists. All art is properly tagged with the artist’s name on all platforms (in person, on websites, social media) and the profit goes straight to the artist. 

How does Little Lost Forest make money for the collective?

Group projects are created to make revenue for Little Lost Forest. All revenue from these collaborations goes into marketing, material, and booth funding. 

I don’t have money for a booth but I still want to participate? 

We are judgmental-free and invite all participants despite their financial situation. Showing up is the biggest part. If you show up to volunteer, there will be a ticket. If you bring some art with no money for the booth, take another artist’s shift in exchange for showing your art at the booth for free. This also goes for rides, pick up and drop off is available to those in need.