Children Vaccinations Article 1

After getting my child vaccinated for the third time, I couldn’t help but notice it was the same vaccines he got his last three visits consecutively, and it made me wonder what is going on here? Have I educated myself enough on vaccinations to be accepting each one the doctor offers me? I realized I needed to do more research, so I took to the internet to see what I could find. 

After listening to a mother who has dealt with consequences and trauma from health defects caused by vaccinating her child, I wanted to dig even deeper and hear what real-life people I know think of getting vaccinated. Google anti-vax, and what you’ll find is many websites debunking anti-vaxxers. The most pro-anti-vax I could find were mediation grounds where both parties discussed their viewpoints. 

I knew that Facebook has a lot of groups and topics on this subject, and I figured this would be an excellent place to find more information and hear from both sides. 

Facebook probably thought I was ridiculous since I had already vaccinated my child, but I wanted answers, and I would do whatever it took to find them. With the information provided for me, I had a lead. It is eye-opening to hear from these passionate parents and people who work closely with children to listen to what they have to say. Both vaxxers and anti-vaxxers contributed their thoughts, and below is a brief look at the research I have conducted. Instead of giving you a two-hour spiel on all my research and studies, I will be conducting interviews over the next few weeks. I will be interviewing both sides of the coin so that moms from all over can have more information on what it means to vaccinate their children. Please stay tuned. 

Vaccines have eliminated some of the deadliest diseases that have ever affected humans, such as polio, smallpox, and a significant decrease in rubella. Even though millions of people’s lives have been saved because of vaccines, children face the dangers of having critical, long-lasting shoulder pain (SIRVA), paralyzation (polio vaccine), and can even cause death. For any parent, this raises the question, is it worth risking my child’s well-being? 

Even though vaccination has cured deadly diseases, the rise of chronic illness in children corresponds to the usage of vaccines. The government has protected pharmaceutical companies by redirecting all injury lawsuits to a government program called, The National Vaccine Program. These programs use this to protect pharmaceutical companies from going bankrupt and no longer being able to provide vaccines to the masses. It may also take off the pressure to reevaluate their products and respond quickly to dangers and tainted vaccines. 

We protect the community from massive outbreaks by forcing children to get vaccines. Yet, this doesn’t mean that vaccinated children cannot carry or spread these diseases. Yet when we push parents to vaccinate their children, we also take away their freedom of choice, and those who will not vaccinate cannot bring their children to school. 

I feel that alternative options should be researched. How to keep an unvaccinated child safe from disease and that there needs to be a community effort in allowing these kids to have an equal opportunity to grow and learn amongst their peers. There should be easily accessible information on the rise of vaccines and chronic illness in children. Numbers should be crunched, and parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children should be heard, especially those who have experience in their child undergoing terminal illnesses due to vaccinations. I don’t think there should be a greater good mindset and that every child’s life should be considered when getting vaccinated. Meaning, when I go to get my child vaccinated, the doctor doesn’t just say, “I think you should get this, this, and this because it has proven to be effective.” Instead, they would follow through with, “but in severe cases, reactions from this and that virus have caused (specific) pain, death, and injury.” The risks are underplayed, and I hope to expose some of this information in my upcoming interviews. 

My baby is so small, and these side effects are so dire. After my research, I am glad I vaccinated my child, but now I am considering waiting a few years (school age) to continue with the remaining vaccinations. I look forward to gaining more knowledge and information in the next few weeks and sharing it with you.