Finding Time to Work with your Newborn as a Writer

Finding time to yourself with a newborn can be challenging, let alone to write.

As a mom that writes, I have to be very cautious about where my time is going. The days flew by in a blur, and I found myself trying to catch up on last week’s tasks that were catch-ups from the week before. As a new mom finding time to maintain a pre-pregnancy way of living is impossible but creating a work-flow schedule isn’t! It might be helpful to take a step back and evaluate how you are taking the time to execute your plans.

Here are a few tips I found helpful to get back on track after falling behind in my work studies, especially my writing tasks!

Don’t overload yourself. The minute you put too much on your plate, you will find yourself back where you started. With businesses in need of workers, if you decide to go back to work, consider part-time as a new mother and maintain your focus on a single line of work instead of keeping the side gigs you picked up during pregnancy. If you have multiple projects at home, focus on finishing one task.

Wake up early. Laying in bed awake since 7 am with the baby is not the same as getting up and ready. An early start will get your body in motion to excel in your tasks. Making your bed will motivate you to be productive instead of laying back down on the sheets.

Baby’s first nap is an excellent time to write. This nap may only be twenty minutes, but this is the time the writing mom has to jibe. It can be hard to find the motivation once the baby wakes up and later throughout the day. It is also a good time for a friend or neighbor to sit with the baby so your work can be finished.

Now- in my case- the rest of the day flies by, and I’m holding the baby. I can place the baby on the floor for tummy time, and someone will come by and comment on how cute the baby is, pick him up, and pass him to me a minute later. At this point in the day, it is a constant flow of baby and me, even if I try to put him down.

When the baby is feeding, I will find the time to read. Reading helps stimulate the brain after hours of baby playtime. It’s calming and relaxing.

The next chance I will get to set a productivity time is at 6 pm when I go to work. Working for 5-8 hours will give you enough time to sleep and also allow you to spend precious moments with your baby during the day. Working at night can also complement your partner’s schedule if they work during the day. Going to work helps keep a feeling of self and individuality apart from the baby.

Now to keep up with a schedule and do not give up! The schedule might be challenging, and there will be times when you want to not show up, but surrounding yourself with an encouraging team to make sure that you have your eyes on the goal will help you when times get tough.

Write down your goals and watch them be crossed off by following these simple steps.