Tea During Pregnancy

(Please consult with your doctor before exploring different tea blends during pregnancy.)

Many pregnant women find it a challenging realization when their doctor warns them against drinking coffee. For many, this is a daily ritual that helps them wake up in the morning and start their morning routine. No caffeine is recommended during pregnancy, even though one cup of coffee can suffice. To keep up with my morning ritual and avoid caffeine, I have turned to tea in the mornings and throughout the days. There is an endless variety of tea options, and I would like to introduce a few of my favorite during pregnancy to you and how they help me cope with the day ahead. All teas during pregnancy should be caffeine-free.

Red Raspberry Tea may be the best for your pregnancy! It is safe to drink one up in early pregnancy but may cause early labor if consumed later on. Studies have shown that Raspberry leaf tea can help with quick delivery with fewer interventions. It aids as a uterine tonic and offers a large amount of calcium. It is best paired with Red Clover, which is also helpful to the uterus and is high in protein. I drink Red Raspberry tea in the early afternoon and prefer it with honey. 

Burdock is a great resource and can be made into a tea throughout pregnancy. It stabilizes mood, is a mild tonic for the bladder and kidneys, good for the liver, and offers vitamin B3 and vitamin C. Burdock can be an alternative to Red Raspberry Tea on days you want variety. Burdock is best accompanied by mint, a sexual stimulant.  

Caffeine-free Spicy Chai is a morning favorite for me. It replaces coffee with a hint of creamer and has a pleasing effect. It has antioxidants that help with inflammation, blood sugar levels, improves heart rate and digestion. I drink this every morning before I go on a stroll. 

Lemon/ Ginger Tea is my go-to throughout the afternoon. It keeps my mind fresh and alert. It helps with immune system support, lowers blood pressure, and protects against cancer. It helps you stay hydrated. The ginger helps with nausea (morning sickness) and fights off chronic diseases. 

Last I would like to mention a Midwife’s favorite for active labor only. Blue Cohosh stimulates the uterus and helps start labor. This tea is good when labor has begun or just before and will help with muscle spasms, inflammation of the uterus and prevent infection. 

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