Women Empowerment

by Natascha Pearson


Disclaimer: This article is directed toward empowering females in my life. Men have played an equally empowering role, but this article is focused on the unique relationship between women within our society. 

What does woman empowerment mean to you? How do you see the women in your family, friends, society, or world inspire you or make a difference in your life? This article touches on a few women that changed my path in life, lent me a hand, or were there for me when I needed them most. If you feel like you have never been this character, I hope you read this article and understand that even one sentence, one piece of advice, one hug can be all a person needs to make a difference in the path that they walk. 

Googles Definition: Women empowerment is the process of encourage on another. It can be defined in several ways, including accepting women’s viewpoints or making an effort to seek them out, raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, and training.

I always told myself to take the direct advice of an older woman. I’m not saying I always listened to my mom, but there was a time I was homeless and traveling with two older guys, and a woman came out of a gas station when we returned to the spot I had met them at, and she told me, “get away from these guys, I know them, and they’re no good.” So I left them after traveling with them for two months. I didn’t even say goodbye. Sure I missed them, and we were friends, but they just beat up the guy I had left my hometown with and left him in the last state we were in, so I figured she was probably right. A few years later, while I was still living out of my backpack, a woman walked from outside of her house to hand me $20 and told me to get out of LA. These women, who were strangers, influenced how I got off the street.

When I ended up in Florida, I met a woman who held onto my savings so that I could safely tuck away money for a boat-captain school that I wanted to attend. She was honest and encouraging. I asked for the money back before I could attend the school. She would later come back into my life through social media, saying how she felt like a mother figure toward me and how much she cared about my wellbeing since it seemed like back then, I was on a troubled path. 

A woman supporting a woman to be the best that they can be is what women empowerment means to me. In a community where competition drives young adults, uplifting one another helps support and guide other females within the circle. It brings prosperity and appreciation. It helps nurture self love, and neighborhood kindness.  

My best friend’s mom let me live with them free of rent for six months. She was always lovely when we crossed paths, and our interaction was always short and friendly. When my 25th birthday came, I asked her for advice. She told me always to wear sunscreen. Her advice has never left me. 

Now that I’m married, I dialed a friend who started a counseling service, asking her to guide me to become a more aware and present version of myself. We talked about my dreams, wants, and desires, and throughout our sessions, I saw many of these come true. When I struggled with my family, I confided in her. She had captured all my trust. When I felt complete, I ended the sessions, but the way she supported me made me have a tremendous amount of respect for her. Women empowerment comes with respect for an individual. 

When I got pregnant, a woman I had hardly spoken to in my circle reached out, offering me advice on my pregnancy whenever I needed it, something I wasn’t getting from my OB (on-call advice). She was not intrusive and nonjudgmental. She sent me and the baby clothes and gifts. When I hadn’t heard from her in a while and became shy to reach out, she sent me a message when I least expected it.  

After I finished school, I was worried about losing momentum after doing very well for a few years. So I reached out to a woman in my class and asked her if she wanted to meet once a week to check on our progress out of college. Even though I’d like to think our interactions are an equal exchange, she has helped me keep on track, stay positive, and work harder. 

If you feel like you don’t fit into any of these categories of the inspiring woman in my life, know that what you say impacts other people. Even if you feel like what you said wasn’t necessary or wasn’t received, there is a good chance that the idea or action will linger in that person’s heart for a long time. We are all inspiring, beautiful goddesses, and by reaching out a hand, you are helping someone take a step up who may have fallen flat without it. There’s a special bond between women in our society. We share ideas, lessons, and our cycles connect. Our paths intertwine. These interactions are not disregarded but respected as we grow together. 

Thank you for reading, till next time.

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