Co-sleeping as a Team

My husband asked me what an equivalent feeling to breastfeeding would be for a man and I would like to say- co-sleeping. 

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To me, co-sleeping is hands down my favorite activity. Co-sleeping is not meant for everyone and that is okay. There are potential dangers to co-sleeping and it has to be something you are comfortable with. Co-sleeping is perfect for my husband, my baby, and me. I am a light sleeper and use intoxicants in minimal amounts. Our bed is a king-size bed with plenty of room to fit the three of us. Our older daughter is only allowed to sleep in the bed if she is not directly sleeping next to the baby and usually for short periods throughout the night. I am always aware of my baby, and we need each other in our arms to enjoy a whole night’s rest. 

In the beginning, we used a dock, but the baby would cry when we placed him in it even if we were right next to him. Then I’d set him in the crib, but again he would cry agitatedly. I tried to wait till the wee hours and then place him in his own nest, but it wouldn’t take long for the tears to come again. I co-sleep now with my baby at four months old he doesn’t wake up in the night and breastfeeds first thing in the morning. When he was waking up frequently during the night, I could breastfeed him and put him back to sleep with little action. 

At first, my husband had to correct my posture. He said my arm would be too close to his face or that I was cradling him with my body too much. There was a time or two when I had to push my husband away from getting too close to the baby. Whatever we did, it must have worked because the baby is healthy, and we all sleep together like champs. 

So why do people fear that co-sleeping is associated with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.) Some factors may be overheating from sleeping next to two adults, the sheets covering the baby’s face, or that a fast asleep adult could roll over the baby. Well, the fact is co-sleeping prevents SIDS. A tired mother trying to rock a baby asleep can be more dangerous than a well-resting mother that co-sleeps with their child. The most common reason for SIDS is when the baby doesn’t awake to a life-threatening occurrence such as trouble breathing. When sleeping next to my child, I am aware of his breathing and react accordingly. Dr.Sears ( claims the carbon dioxide from my breathing can also stimulate my child’s breathing. By co-sleeping, we become one unit that works together.

Co-sleeping is practiced all over the world. In many countries where they don’t use cribs, co-sleeping is the only option, and once there was a time when co-sleeping was the norm. Even though there has been a bad stigma on co-sleeping, more parents find co-sleeping to be beneficial to infants. Creating independence is important and will come with time, no need to rush your baby out of the bed.

So what are the seven safe practices of co-sleeping:

  1. Be a sober mom. Avoid all intoxicants.
  2. Sleep with the baby at your breast and the blanket under the baby’s neck.
  3. Keep baby on his back.
  4. Dress baby lightly. Diaper only is okay!
  5. The bed shouldn’t be too soft or too small.
  6. Be aware of any cords or gaps. I use pillows along the sides.
  7. Keep pillows and sheets from covering his head.

For a safe co-sleeping experience check out these affiliate links for a lounger or a bedside sleeper.

Co-sleeping is so rewarding to me, but how long do I think it will last? Everyone has unique practices, and there is no right way to do it. Before my baby is a year old, I believe I will adjust him to sleeping in a crib so he can gain independence, and my husband can once again exclusively have my cuddles. I don’t plan to breastfeed for much longer than a year. I struggle with my breast supply, and at some point, my baby won’t be attached to my breast throughout the night and day. For now, coming home and sleeping with my child after an eight-hour shift helps me feel closer to my baby. When he wakes in the morning, I can respond, change his diaper, unclog his nose and breastfeed until we both fall back asleep. Co-sleeping helps me respond to him quickly and allows me to indulge in the most beautiful snuggles I have ever imagined. 

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