Cannabis: Edibles, A look into a Small Business Start-Up

THC Almond Butter Cups in Toffee, Coconut, Coffee, Strawberry, Regular

Since college, I have been a big fan of making pot brownies. Later, I’ve noticed that it is more of a medicine than a party favor. Edibles are a less harmful way to intake THC and CBD than smoking. Edibles can get a seasoned cannabis smoker high again. A more significant amount of Delta-9-THC goes into your liver when digesting an edible and converts to 11-hydroxy-THC. This form of cannabis intake is noninvasive to your surroundings and environment, with no smell to latch onto your clothes or linger in the air. Edibles are discreet and offer a relaxing high. While it may take a while to kick in, it’s long-lasting. The benefits of eating edibles, according to, include treating “poor appetite, pain and weight loss in cancer patients, reduce pain and muscle spasms, relieve nausea and vomiting, enhance sleep quality, and improve anxiety.”

My goal would be to offer affordable, high-quality edibles that focus on health and healing, compared to your average sweet treat. The brand highlights dark and earthy tones, reflecting on my Celtic heritage and the change of the seasons.

The primary base for my 420 edibles is coconut oil. Coconut oil is saturated fat like butter. It is a plant-based alternative. Coconut oil helps the body assimilate fat-soluble vitamins. According to research from Hightimes, coconut oil distracts THC second best to butter. It also attributes to weight loss, “coconut oil contains a high amount of MCTs, or medium-chain fatty acids, also called triglycerides. These MCTs are harder for our bodies to store as fat and easier for us to burn off compared to long-chain fatty acids. “

I make a variety of chocolates, including almond butter cups, white chocolate bars with rice crispy, and coffee-infused cocoa. Chocolates are good for menstrual cycles, depression, and anxiety. They come in bite-size, squares, and cups. I add natural ingredients for deluxe treats like green tea, toffee, strawberry chunks, and coconut shavings.

420 Hot sauce has been my favorite for a while. You can check out my blog Caribbean style hot sauce here. Even though my hot sauce in the past has come out like a paste, my brother is in the craft hot sauce business in San Diego, and he will be assisting me in making coconut-based hot sauces that keep their liquidity. Hot sauce is low-calorie and easy to store and use on the fly.

My newest addition to making edibles is the green bars. Green bars are a healthy mix grain bar that includes dates, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and spirulina. This bar will not only contain medical benefits but will also give you energy.

Are you interested in opening a cannabis edible business? I assume I’m not the only one. My friend sent me these classes I am interested in attending at College of the Redwoods on building a business in the marijuana industry, I’m considering taking these classes if I can afford them. You can make a donation on my home page. I will make sure to blog about my experience.

I haven’t even thought of a name for my edible company yet. After years of being associated with the cannabis industry, I would like to see how I can share natural healing edibles with my community.



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