Why You Should Visit Humboldt County

Humboldt County is a wonderful place to visit because of its rich history, abundant wildlife, artists, cannabis industry, casinos, and community. After taking the 101 or 299 into Humboldt from San Francisco, or Reno, the drive during the day can relax the mind with picturesque rolling mountains, lakes, and deep forests. Don’t forget to stop by the Legend of Bigfoot to get the gist of the lore or Confusion Hill where things go up when they should go down. When coming from Oregon or Crescent City down the 101 you might find Humboldt a change of pace, an exciting city life, or maybe you decide to take the off-the-grid paths to Shelter Cove or King Range Wilderness to hike the PCT. You may pass by a giant statue of Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox at the Mystery of Trees. And Eris, forbid, you took a flight in and you find your next flight weeks out or canceled due to bad weather, then you have plenty of time to view the amazing art displayed in the ACV (Arcata Aiport).

Humboldt Country is home to the Redwood trees, some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world. Hiking through the Emerald Triangle includes trails in Trinity, Avenue of the Giants, and Fern Canyon. These trails will bring you to the brink of the otherworld where magical creatures wander and you find the little lost forest, feeling in unity and in tune with nature. Fishing in the Eel River or the Mad may take some experience but they are frequently replenished with fish. Ocean fishing is also a sport that can be done by the daring. Don’t forget to get your California fishing license and read up on the laws. Hiking the Headwaters Reserve or Manila trails you will find an array of mushroom species and moss-hung trees. Make sure to not pick the mushrooms without identifying them first and only as many as you need. Canoe down the rivers and enjoy your time basking in the sun during the summer months. 

Eureka and Arcata are abundant in night light. Arts Alive fills the street with music, art, and vendors. Friday markets in Eureka and Saturday Markets in Arcata. Irish punk shows at the Shanty, and Fetish Nights at Sirens Song. The Jam hosts headliners like local DJ Ahee and the Arcata Theater Lounge recently featured Mike Love. There is endless music, art, and craft beer for those who know where to find it. Music Festivals like Northern Nights, Hog Farm, and Festival of Dreams bring the fairies and elves out of the woods. For a good laugh check out Savage Henry’s Comedy Club or for symphonies, opera and plays at the Eureka Theater. 

Cal Poly Humboldt has exceptional forestry, social work, nursing, basketball team, and ceramics programs for BA. While College of the Redwoods offers general ed, creative writing, volleyball, and an amazing art department. What you really want to take advantage of is the great classes and gatherings hosted at businesses like Erica Brook’s Paint Out at the Winery, High Body Pole Dance workouts, Joe’s veteran ceramic class at CR, Bella Vita Fire spinning, Belly Dancing by Zeta Fusion, The Thing’s Ecstatic Dance, and Life Drawing at the RAA.

Humboldt has a long history of outlawed cannabis growers and the infamous Murder Mountain. You can find your leafy greens at dispensaries and smoke lounges on many street corners. Hit the gravity bong at EcoCann or if you’re in a rush drive through Humboldt Premium. Maybe you are further south and want to check out Cookie’s Lounge or for a nightlife environment there is Crisp! in Eureka! Live rosin cartridges, edibles, bubble hash, and premium cannabis are on the shelves, calling all adults. For an overnight experience check out Riverbar Pharms for good food and cannabis-friendly rooms.

The casinos are popular stops for great music, drinks, food, card games, and slot machines. Bear River Casino is located in Loleta and is a Rohnerville Rancheria to the Mattole and Wiyot Tribes, as well as other surrounding tribes. Blue Lake Casino is a Rancheria to the Wiyot tribe and is notarized by the white house as the “Climate Action Champion.” To learn more about the native tribes visit Clarke Museum currently showcasing a history of the Wigi, also known as the Humboldt Bay. Or you can stop in at the NCIDC American Indian Art and Gift Shop to see the beautiful Native art displayed.

It is impossible for me to list all the amazing things to do in Humboldt County, but I welcome you to come visit and check out the festivities happening in my town!

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