Meal Giving

Throughout life, meal sharing (or giving) can be an excellent form of showing care for fellow humans. Often we can go through life and forget how to treat others with compassion and love. A big gift is not necessary to show gratitude or endearment. Instead, cooking a meal for the people we care about can go above and beyond expectations and make a person feel your appreciation for them or humanity.

Good times to offer meals to friends, families, and even strangers are after a child has been born, after a visit to the hospital or having surgery, when their funds are tight, after a traumatic event, during times of depression or grieving, or to replace for gift giving. When you offer someone hot food, you show them that you care about their well-being and want them to find comfort through this effort of love you have initiated. So pat your back for making the conscious decision to cook for someone else and help them in their time of need.

A friend posted on Facebook during the epidemic, “If you’re feeling bad for yourself, go buy all your favorite sandwich ingredients; the hoagie rolls, the deli ham, the Munster cheese, load it with your favorite vegetables, and if you like, some avocado. Make up a grip of sandwiches and give it to the houseless. It’ll make you feel loads better.”

Here are a few recipes that I have found incredibly healing. I apologize that I was not willing to share my personal recipes but found similar ones online!

Ghee Porridge (For a new mom): Shara, my doula, made me this amazing Ghee porridge the day after I gave birth! It was incredibly warming, soothing, and healing.

Curry Soup (to warm the heart): My husband made this dish for a woman and me when we shared an Airbnb. I spilled it all over the place but we enjoyed it non the less!

White Sauce lasagna (suitable for families!) : This dish I brought to my friend’s family while she was in the hospital after getting into a horrible accident that caused her to have an emergency c-section. The family was so busy with court documents and finding breast milk for the baby they forgot to eat!

Bacon Beer cheese soup (not for a sick person) : Maybe you might have guessed, I made this meal for a sick boyfriend of mind in my early twenties. I remember being so proud of the dish I made and he threw it up everywhere! Either way, it was a tasty dish and someone going through emotional trauma could benefit from the warm yet metal meal.

Chicken Alfredo (when on a budget): My mom, daughter, and I went to a friend’s house going through emotional baggage and financial difficulty and my mom cooked up this meal for her five kids and our family. It was super simple and delicious, she kept asking what was in the ingredients! She used store-bought Alfredo sauce. She used these six ingredients: noodles, chicken, sauce, garlic, salt, and pepper, and the kids loved it!

Quinoa vegetable mix (for a hot day): Whenever I meet friends at kids birthdays or outdoor events this is my go to.


Southwest Quinoa

Loaded Mash Potatoes (Comfort food to overcome trauma): When my girlfriend is having a bad day I will make her mashed potatoes put on dirty dancing and we will kick up our feet and enjoy.

Mama’s Chicken Noodle Soup (Sick Patient): Anytime I’m sick this is all that I want so I make it for the people I care about, rather surgery or COVID, this is my go to.

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