A Wedding in the Redwoods

Sequoia Park Garden

It was a beautiful Monday in Humboldt county. It was only the day before, my husband had recommended I go to his co-workers wedding, even though we’ve never met.

A group of four of us waited by the bathroom in Sequoia Park for the bride and groom to come. When they had arrived, the minister had also joined us making a total of seven (safe for COVID standards.) From there we wandered around and by an attendee’s suggestion we stumbled upon the Sequoia gardens. In the time of COVID the park’s gazebo was closed off but the beautiful array of flowers with the backdrop of the Redwoods was undeniable a ceremony space. My daughter and I hid our bikes off to the side and huddled beside our group, among roses and daffodils.

The lovers smiled that smile we get when we know the focus is on us and when decisions need to be made (big and small.) The moment of time flowed with the breeze. The flowers opened up to the sunlight. They exposed their nectar and pollen and encouraged the bees and butterflies to roam.

The couple tossed me a camera and without hesitation “the moment” began. I stood still, afraid to ruin the video while another gentleman had the bride’s family on zoom. The written down vows were filled with words of everlasting love and commitment. After the exchange of vows from one heart to the other, they kissed. Hollers and hoots came from the entrance of the garden and our little wedding party couldn’t help but to attract a crowd. A woman approached us, congratulating the couple, in her mask, showering them with love and appreciation for their commitment.

And it was over, just like that… but it wasn’t over, was it? It had just begun. That might have been where we parted but this couple is on the road to a life of love and light.

I remember during my own wedding how quick the moment can be. I remember thinking, it’s only a moment and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Things happen fast and it’s worth making time to create space, breathe, and create intentions.

I let the sage burn and was grateful for the moment shared with new friends and the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Love is such a magical thing and marriage is a sacred event. It deserves a sacred space. It doesn’t have to be planned. It doesn’t have to last forever, but giving it the option too with positive intentions sets the fire to a new wick.

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