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I got very exciting news last weekend that my friend is trying to conceive. I am pregnant for the first time and in my last trimester, and I couldn’t help but feel a deep connection with her longing for a child. I immediately wanted to set up a fertility care package. Influenced by my pagan practices, I researched candles, essential oils, vitamins, images, teas, and stones that contribute to conception. Here are some of my findings. 


Stones that influence fertility include; Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Red Carnelian, Aquamarine, Fluorite, and Smokey Quartz. If you believe in the influence of stones, wearing these stones or having a piece on you or in a place where you see it often will manifest fertility within your life. Here is an overview of these stones.

Moonstone: (Sacral Chakra) Moonstone is known to create a happy home. It inspires passion, change, and new beginnings. This stone is known to help with circulation, skin, hair and eyes, and fertility. It will help a woman with pregnancy, childbirth, female qualities, hormones, and sexuality. It brings on compassion, calmness, and motherly qualities. It helps with oversensitivity, pessimism, and combats cycles/ repeated patterns. This stone will prepare mom to be with the qualities she needs to be birthed into motherhood. 

Rose Quartz: (Heart Chakra) Rose quartz manifests creativity. This stone is good for keeping your organs healthy. It promotes fertility and a regular menstrual cycle. It also balances the sex drive and helps overcome sexual frustration. It helps with detoxing. This stone is good for relationships, romance, love, and forgiveness. It helps with childhood trauma and emotional wounds. Rose Quartz is a good stone for mom to overcome adverse events from the past and regain sexual drive and motivation. 

Aventurine:  (Heart Chakra) Aventurine is quartz with inclusions of mica that creates a speckled effect. This stone impacts leadership skills, decisions, stress, and yin/yang balance. It’s good for your muscles and heart. Aventurine aids relaxation, protects and soothes emotions, as well as, prevents energy vampires. This stone is good for helping mom make her own decisions and pushing away all the doubters. 

Red Carnelian: (Sacral Chakra) Red Carnelian is used for emotional warmth, individuality, self-esteem, rebirth, and reincarnation. It offers courage and positive life choices, and it replaces feelings of abuse and neglect with love for life. It also promotes fertility and sexual drive, helps with lower back pain, arthritis, and depression. Red Carnelian improves mineral and vitamin absorption and ensures good blood supply to organs and tissues. This stone readies the body and heart for conception.  

Aquamarine: (Throat Chakra) Aquamarine helps with communication and courage (it takes two to tango, and this stone may help break the ice that it’s time to start a family.) It builds tolerance and responsibility, which is necessary for a mother and father’s relationship. This stone brings calmness and compassion. It also influences spiritual awareness, development and reveals the truth about yourself. Nine months of caring around a child is a spiritual journey of its own. Mom to be should be aware of herself so that she can make the journey with confidence. This stone is suitable for centering and meditation, which will help with childbirth and should be practiced throughout the pregnancy. 

Flourite: (Brow Chakra) Flourite comes in many different colors. It focuses on the mind and creates order out of chaos. It is used for decisions, relationships, and concentration. This stone is suitable for blood vessels, bones, spleen, and health issues such as early cancer, herpes, ulcers, weight gain, backache, and eating disorders. It also aides detox. This stone is suitable for meditation and helps with excitement and stress. As well as for mothers to be that have health problems that they are worried will affect or hinder childbearing. 

Smokey Quartz: (Base Chakra) Smokey Quartz is used for vitality, intuition, survival instincts, male energy, and mental activity. Being pregnant is a natural occurrence. It’s what makes us populate, yet it can be a struggle that is overwhelming emotionally and physically for mom to be. This stone dissipates negative energy. It can help with overspending and will move the mother further in life. It is suitable for physical expression and sexual significance. IT grounds, relaxes, sedates, aids in meditation and dream interpretation. I struggled with vivid dreaming throughout my pregnancy, and this stone will help the mother understand where these dreams are coming from. This stone helps with negativity, anger, depression, despair, and grief. Many first-time moms might feel like they won’t make a good mother, and this stone will help them overcome those fears. 


To make this bracelet I bought the beads from the Tailsman in downtown Eureka. I highly recommend stopping by their shop: https://talisman-beads.com/

If you would like to purchase this bracelet you can find it on Etsy @ https://www.etsy.com/listing/1045794697/fertility-bracelet


A good pregnancy tea mixture includes Nettle Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf Peppermint Leaf, Red Clover Herb, Lemon Balm, and Jasmine Green Tea. 

[Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.]

Nettle Leaf– Nettle Leaf is an incredibly healing plant that can be harvested along nature paths. It’s that sticky, sharp plant you’ve always avoided touching. Nettle Leaf contains vitamins A, C, D, and K. It helps boost calcium, potassium, iron, and sulfur in the body. It is excellent for fetal health! 

Red Raspberry Leaf– Red raspberry leaf tea encourages pregnancy by balancing hormones and readies the body for ovulation when taken during the follicular phase. It tones the uterus and soothes the uterine tonic.  

Peppermint Leaf– The peppermint leaf promotes fertility with Folic acid, calcium, and Vitamin A, B12, and C, along with other vitamins and minerals to create a relaxing and soothing effect. It helps to reduce stress levels and raises fertility by strengthening the female reproduction organs. It helps regulate ovulation and balances hormones. 

Red Clover Herb– Red Clover Herb improves circulation and blood flow, strengthening the uterus and ovaries. 

Lemon Balm– Lemon Balm is a strong herb to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. A woman’s body will struggle to conceive while under pressure. The body is naturally protecting itself. When mom-to-be is healthy and happy, she is more likely to conceive.

Jasmine Green Tea– Jasmine green tea works as an aromatherapy agent, soothing and relaxing the brain. It is rumored to increase sperm count for men. Green tea also increases ovulation, matures the egg, and causes the eggs to be more fertile. It reduces the damage caused by the woman’s environment with antioxidants and polyphenols while increasing immunity. 

You can purchases this Fertility Tea on Etsy @ https://www.etsy.com/listing/1045784973/fertility-tea


The Crystal Healer by Philip Permntt. 


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